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Welcome to Tica's - Brazilian Food

We seek to provide you with an authentic Brazilian experience.  Whether you are Brazilian and miss back home,

you have visited Brazil and  miss it's many flavors or if you've only dreamed of being there someday.

Try our delicious dishes based on traditional Brazilian flavors and let us sweeten your day.

Tica's Sweets or just ...Tica's

A little Taste of Brazil in Chicago


Brazilian cuisine is the result of a mixture of traditions and ingredients from natives, Europeans, and Africans. Each region of the country has their own gastronomic peculiarities and their cuisine adapts to the geography of the region.

In this mixture we find food typical to each region, however there are some world renowned items such as: Brigadeiro, Feijoada, Pao de Queijo, Bobo, Acaraje, Farofa, Caipirinha, Guarana, Acai, Dende Oil, among others.

Tica’s Sweets started in Chicago in 2016. At first, we aimed to create various desserts based around one

of the most famous Brazilian treats, the Brigadeiro.

In the following months, Tica’s Sweets began to adapt to meet the wishes of our customers and introduce

new products and services. From this, in 2018, Tica’s Sweets will be known simply as Tica’s; 

which will aim to offer not only desserts, but a complete Brazilian gastronomical experience.

We value the satisfaction of our clients above all, and strive to provide them a sense of happiness

through our culinary endeavors.

Our story continues, changing at every moment to always provide the best experience and food

that not only pleases the eyes and tastes, but that also touches the heart.


We are not a physical store, orders may be arranged for pickup in Chicago, IL 60649


We deliver in the Chicagoland area and nearby Suburbs.

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