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Traditional in Brazil to complement the desserts at parties, birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Also often gifted to others to celebrate special occasions. 



Milk Chocolate, White chocolate, Duo/ Casadinho (half milk and white chocolate), Lime, Leche Nido and Nutella (Leite Ninho e Nutella), Coconut (Beijinho), Strawberry (bicho de pe),

$1.4 mini

$3.5 Regular


Special Flavor

Belgian Chocolate, Almond or pistachio

$2 mini

$5 Regular


Alcohol Infused

Caipirinha (cachaca), Amarula, Whiskey, Champagne

$2.5 mini

$6.25 Regular

Brigadeiro (Brazilian Truffle)

Special Order
  • Minimum Order of 6 units