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Ideal for special events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and parties.


Filling and icing with buttercream or brigadeiro 


What flavor cake would you like? 

Chocolate or Vanilla



Chocolate (Brigadeiro)

Chocolate (Buttercream)

Coconut (Prestigio)

Coconut (Beijinho)

Dulce de Leche

Passion Fruit




Peanut Butter




Round Cakes

These cakes are three layers of cake, two layers of filling

Size     |    Servings   |   Start Price
   4"              4-6                   $15

   6"              8-10                 $36
   8"            15-18                 $47
  10"           25-40                 $85
  12"           40-50                 $120


Sheet Cakes

These cakes are two layers of cake, one layer of filling

Size     |    Servings   |   Start Price
   1/4          20-25               $65
   1/2          40-50               $135
   Full         80-100              $280

Bolo Recheado (Cake with Fruits, Buttercream or Brigadeiro)

Cake Flavor
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