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“Festa Junina” is the name used for a traditional and widely popular Brazilian harvest festival. It happens at the beginning of Brazilian Winter being celebrated all over the country in the months of June and July. The festivities were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period in Brazil to feature rural life, typical clothing, food, dance, particularly the “quadrilha”
(similar to square dancing) and to be grateful to the patron saints São João, São Pedro and Santo Antônio. In some parts of Brazil, this festival can be as popular as the Carnival.

For our Festa Junina in Chicago, we plan to bring this important cultural representation to Brazilian families in Chicago and to anybody interested in Brazil. Chicago has a growing Brazilian population.

The event will include activities for different ages, including “quadrilla” and other typical dances; live music; DJ music; booths with typical games, food and beverages; face painting; group games for children and adults; a “Casamento na Roça” (Brazilian country wedding).

Come visit us and enjoy traditional Brazilian Food 

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The Physical Festival

Unicef estimates 30 million children are fleeing brutal violence, extreme poverty or both today. Like many others, one night, young Mana from the Red-yellow planet, is forced to catch a shooting star to seek refuge elsewhere. During her journey across the universe, imagination is her best defense in the struggle for survival. Will Mana ever arrive to her dreamland, the beautiful blue planet? Embark in a disturbing coming-of-age, twisted fairy tale, darkly-comic adventure-thriller overflowing with poetry, strange creatures and stunning imagery. *Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award shortlist 2016, Edinburgh Festival.

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